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Questioning God?: Answers To Questions Worth Asking
Dr. John Hopper

In Questioning God? Dr. John Hopper invites those skeptical of Christianity or those doubting their faith to consider honest answers to many commonly asked questions. “You have questions. Good questions. They deserve well-reasoned answers,” Dr. Hopper says. “In this book, I aim simply to put the facts on the table and let you decide for yourself whether there is any credence to the idea of God, the Bible, or Christianity.”

In Questioning God? Hopper tackles questions like “How can anyone believe in God in this scientific age?,” “Haven’t Christians caused more harm than good?,” and “I’m a good person. Isn’t that enough?” With its highly conversational style, Questioning God?: Answers to Questions Worth Asking is the perfect book for anyone wanting to explore, challenge, or understand why Christianity remains relevant—even vital—for our times.

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Giving Jesus Away: Finding Joy in Sharing the Gospel
Dr. John Hopper

So many Christians want to share Jesus with others but don’t know where to start. In Giving Jesus Away: Finding Joy in Sharing the Gospel, John Hopper provides readers with clear principles and ideas on building friendships with unbelievers, starting natural and meaningful conversations that lead to Jesus, and sharing the gospel clearly. In addition, readers are coached on how to tackle their own fears as well as address the barriers that keep unbelievers from faith.

For years, Search has been training others in how to share Jesus with others more effectively. Now, in Giving Jesus Away, Hopper puts into one volume the experience and tools that have been helpful to so many. Full of real-life examples, Giving Jesus Away doesn’t just encourage you to jump in the water; it teaches you how to swim. And that makes all the difference!