At Search, we’ve spent decades engaging in big conversations that spark meaningful questions, offer honest answers, and forge deep connections. Here’s how we do that.


An Open Forum is a small group gathering led by a Search staff member in an “any question goes” format. The goal of each forum is not to have easy answers to tough questions but to open the door for continued conversation. Typical questions include the evidence for the existence of God and why a loving God would allow bad things to happen to good people. Open Forums will usually take place once a week for 3-4 weeks.


Conversations started at a Forum often lead to one-on-one meetings or lunches. Here we follow-up with individuals looking for answers to the “big questions” about life, meaning and God. We’ve learned that doubt or confusion are great starting points for a discussion and for getting to know one another. It’s here, in Follow-up, where many people begin to experience a personal relationship with God.


Pouring a foundation is one of the first steps to building something—or someone. We believe that smaller group discussions are the best place to spark the conversations that lead to greater understanding of life, God and faith. Our Foundations series explores in more detail how we can know God through a relationship with Jesus Christ.