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Steve loves any outdoor activity, but extra credit if it’s a sport. He graduated from UNC-Charlotte with a BA in history and is currently getting his MA in ministry. As a high school history teacher and football coach, he molded young minds both in the classroom and on the field. His passion for mentorship led him to Young Life, where he spent 17 years guiding teenagers toward hope and purpose. Steve is married to Katie, and together, they’ve raised three remarkable daughters.

Why did you choose to join Search? Most people are not interested in what you have to share until they know you, trust you, and know you care about them.  Throughout my adult years, I have tried to align myself with ministries that take that statement to heart.  I believe in the relational approach of Search which opens the doors to answers of life's most important questions.  My hope is that every adult in the Midlands would have a trusted friend to share the most wonderful news of the Gospel of Jesus with them.

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