Scott Davis

Scott Davis min

Hailing from Memphis, Tennessee, Scott got to Texas as fast as he could after meeting his wife, Renee, who is from Austin. Although Scott is a die-hard University of Tennessee grad and sports fan, he considers himself a dual resident of both states. He and his wife have four adult children, Drew, Reed, Kelsey, and T. He is a former high school math teacher and basketball coach at Grapevine High School (1990-1999). Scott also served 21 years on Young Life staff, mostly in Denton County. He is an avid runner (much slower now) and fisherman, and his love for Luka Doncic and the Dallas Mavericks is—shall we say—a “little” overboard. Scott started Search Denton County in 2020 and also helps train new Search staff across the nation.

Why did you choose to join Search? I chose Search so I could work with men (especially young men much like my adult sons) who are trying to figure out life and understand their purpose here on this earth. They are out of college, have great jobs, and might be married and are asking the question, "Is this all that life has to offer?"

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