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Ryan married his wife, Taylor, in 2012 after they both graduated from Texas A&M (A-whoop!). They have two amazing children, Emma Jane and Rowan, and live in Aledo just outside of Fort Worth. They love having a role in the fabric of the community. Ryan has been in ministry since 2008 and spent much of that time as an area director for Young Life. He believes in the power of authenticity and being present with people, which makes SEARCH a great fit for him. In his words, “I think there is nothing better than getting groups of men together outside to be honest and open about what is going on in their lives and how they feel about God.” Ryan enjoys fly fishing, golf, the Dallas Stars, fitness, and anything outdoors.

Why did you choose to join Search? I have always had a heart for my whole town to know Jesus. I began by working with high school students through Young Life and realized there was a gap. I met groups of adults who didn’t have a place to belong, a place to ask hard questions about God and life or to pursue or hear that a relationship with God was available. I saw the vision of Search to create space for people to take the next step toward God, and I wanted to make that the foundation for my ministry to Parker County. To step into people’s lives alongside them like Jesus did. Sharing meals, discussing life, and ultimately stepping toward a relationship with God. 

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