Nola Meyer

Nola Meyer min

Since 2017, Nola Meyer has been a vital part of Search’s national home office. Moving from her native Arkansas to Texas in the 1990s, she worked many years with Search President Tim Kilpatrick as Vice President of Sales for PESCOR Plastics. She encountered Search in Fort Worth during her time there. Through her interaction Search, Nola came to understand the gift of God’s grace through Jesus for the first time, despite being in church her entire life. She now serves as Executive Vice President, overseeing the operation side of the ministry to help free up Search teams across the country so they can focus on sharing Jesus. She also leads the women’s ministry initiative, which was introduced in 2023. In February 2022, Nola joined the Search national board as its first female member. She lives in Fort Worth with her husband, David, and their daughter, Reagan.

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