David Morgan

David Morgan min

David joined Search staff in October 2020. David attended the University of Texas at Arlington, earning a BS in Physical Education. After 16 years of teaching Spanish and coaching basketball, he worked for Young Life for another 16 years. He went on to attend Dallas Theological Seminary, graduating with a master’s in biblical and theological studies. David has been married to Carol for 36 years and has three adult children (Austen, Andi, and Abbie) who are all married. David and Carol were blessed to add their first grandchild, Calvin, in March of 2023. David loves all things outdoors, but most of all, golf and riding his bike.

Why did you choose to join Search? After 16 years in vocational ministry, I felt like it was time to have a final chapter back in direct ministry. Search was a great fit in all ways, but the idea of relational evangelism has always been at the center of my giftedness.

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